The creative remix project helping to support the NHS & Mind

An open invitation to people of all abilities to remix some incredible artists in design, illustration, art, animation and music.

Launching very soon.


What is Life on Hold?

Covid-19 has meant that normal life has been put on hold as we isolate ourselves from the world around us. Businesses have closed, many people have lost their jobs and society as we know it has come to a halt.

The brief in short  

Using the theme of ‘Life on Hold’, we are reaching out to the creative community to interpret the brief and produce designs, illustrations, animations and music that reflect the campaign theme. A full brief will be supplied to each participant.

Whilst some of us bunker up, there are amazing people who are on the frontline of this virus, serving the public and keeping essential services going. 


We want to help by raising £10,000 (or more) to support the NHS and the charity Mind, who are working tirelessly to support the nation.


Join us in this important mission and flex your creativity to spread art, animation, music and positivity during this difficult time!

How will the project work?

  1. Donate & download one of our key artists creations

  2. Remix it and make it your own

  3. Upload your remix to the Life On Hold portal

  4. Share your creation with the world and invite others to remix your work


Each key artist will choose their top 3 remixes of their work and these people will go into the draw to win some prizes. Prizes will be confirmed once we launch.


1. Original >>

Key artist produces original piece.Working files will be availablefor download after donation.


2. Remix >>

Participant downloads files and useselements to create their own creation.


3. Upload

Remix is uploaded and madeavailable to others to remix.


Why are we doing this?

Now more than ever as a generation it's time to come together as a global community – to support each other and spread the message of love.

Who will benefit?

The Life On Hold project will engage the UK creative community to raise important funds for our heroes at both the NHS, who are doing such an amazing job right now, and also for Mind who are helping those self isolating and suffering from anxiety as well as encouraging creativity as a form of therapy.

Raising important funds for


How can I take part?

We'll be releasing all the details of how you can take part as soon as possible but for now please click the link below to register and we will be in touch shortly.

How else can I help?

As well as asking for creative participation we’re also asking for everyone to share the campaign across their social platforms so we can reach as many people as possible. 


Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and if you think you can help with support, sponsorship or simply with ideas then please get in touch.


This is a big challenge and we’d welcome all the help we can get :)

Press and bloggers

For press enquiries, please contact Meg who can assist you and give you.


Download a press pack here.